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Family jewelry brand Kaiu

It's Kaiu Day on the 26th of Every Month.

기본 정보
Product Name Family jewelry brand Kaiu
Kaiu Product It's Kaiu Day on the 26th of Every Month.
Price $ 0 USD
Product Details 1. Write a moving phrase on white paper with a black pen
2. Take a picture and upload an attachment when ordering
3. After confirming the order for Caiyu, show the design and make it
Production period is about 5 days (excluding holidays) after confirming the design
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Family jewelry brand Kaiu

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  • Q&A

accessories -S1L1
Kaiu, the meaning of the name
Caiille is a small stone or jewel.
It comes from the French word 'caillou'.
our children grow up with love
In the future, I hope to become a person who shines like a jewel
It contains a wish
accessories model image-S12L1
Since 2002, KAIU
First lost child prevention necklace in Korea

Caiyu is the first in Korea
child's name and contact information
As a company that started engraving on jewelry,
Caiyu products are in unexpected situations.
365 days a year, I have always been by my child's side.

Babies 20 years ago are already teenagers
It has grown and now instead of the guardian's contact information
He is wearing jewelry engraved with a message of support.

With siblings, as a couple with a mother, as a family,
And from when I was a baby to now when I became a teenager~!
Family Jewelry Brand, Kaiu
It is growing year by year.

Caiyu Designer Hyunmi Kim
Good design thinks about the people who use it
I think you should be able to think later.
I hope that the products I make can retain the meaning of love.
I tried to contain that feeling.
accessories -S1L21
Click on the image to view the author's interview.
20 years plus 100 years
Starting a business with a lost child prevention necklace
I have a promise.
“Good product, reasonable price, honesty”.

Caiyu contains the pride of a designer.
We are producing the best products.
only silver and gold
Set with natural birthstone.

If you compare the price, it's cheap in the market
There are many products made of the material.
However, customers who want to make a special gift
Cailleux of 'high quality and reasonable price'
You have chosen.

Customers who are satisfied with the first product
Second and third children and gifts for nieces and nephews
You buy it from Caiyu.
Each and every customer's expectations and satisfaction,
In order to live up to the trust you find again
Every day I do my best piles up
It's been 20 years.
I hope it will continue after 100 years.

accessories detail image-S11L1
If you click on the picture, you can see the story of Caiyu's 12 zodiac characters.
Caillou's representative character, the 12 zodiac animals
12 zodiac signs every year
As an animal representing the year
It gives a lot of meaning,
Everyone is born with a magnetic belt.

A lost child prevention necklace with that friendly character
For me who made and sold
Because it was such a good material
I came to design every year, and while raising a child and studying at the same time,
As a result of 9 years of long time
came to be born
accessories detail image-S12L2
accessories detail image-S3L1
accessories detail image-S14L2
We strive to put meaning into our products.

Caiyu wants to create love with customers.
Please share your thoughts with Caiyu. Please feel free to tell us at any time.
accessories -S27L1
accessories detail image-S14L3
Quality, Safety and Design
High quality, safety verification, and unique design of Caiyu!

Caiyu uses silver and gold, which are good for the body, as materials.
Safe, durable, soft and smooth design for infants to use
We are building trust with our customers.

1. Made with 92.5% pure silver (Korea Precious Metal Analysis and Appraisal Agency)
2. The only rare silver product in Korea.
* Rare silver is silver that is excellent in preventing silver discoloration.

3. Use natural birthstone.
* Natural gemstones may have slight color differences.

4. The chain, linkage, and locking device load tests have been verified. (Korea Polymer Testing Laboratory)
* It is a sturdy product that can withstand the load of about 9 bottles of 1 liter mineral water hanging from the necklace.
5. Caiyu's unique design developed over 20 years

natural birthstone
Created by hundreds of millions of years of high temperature and pressure
We use natural gemstones.
If you have your birthstone
It is said to bring good luck and good luck.

accessories -S4L1
Unlike synthetic stones, natural gemstones have very subtle color differences.

accessories -S4L2
The unique meaning and month of the birthstone
Caille put together the cases of the East and the West.

Garnet, January's birthstone, goes well with children's products.
I use red-violet rhodolite garnet.
March's birthstone, aquamarine, is similar in color to diamonds.
It is light water color.

✽ Pearl, the birthstone for June, cannot be engraved due to the nature of the stone.
(Ruby is preferred for girls / Topaz is preferred for boys.)
The chain is the one that best matches the product.
It is set to be selectable by default.

For first-time purchasers
We show several chains and choose
I thought it was difficult
It is composed of the most satisfactory chain.
accessories white color image-S3L16
The length of the chain can be added in the additional components of the product.
accessories white color image-S3L6
accessories product image-S3L3
accessories -S6L4
What is Rare Silver?

Rare Silver is for customers who are concerned about the sudden discoloration of silver due to sweat.
This is the product you are looking for.

Rare silver has the same content as sterling silver (Jeong Eun) 92.5%.
By alloying a small amount of platinum with the remaining alloy components,
It is silver from which silver reacts easily.

Rare silver is excellent at preventing sudden discoloration due to sweat.
In addition, under conditions that change silver, rare silver may also change color.
Please note that there is.

✽ Due to the high production cost, there are products that cannot be manufactured with rare silver depending on the product specifications, and there may be some stains from the alloying process.
accessories -S1L17
gift wrapping
We deliver Caillou's love in a luxurious gift package.
The quality of packaging is improved through in-house design and production,
Efforts were made to keep production costs down.
accessories -S1L19

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▶ Payment Options

 1. Payment by credit card(Visa, Master, JCB, Amex etc.) :3D verified credit cards only are eligible for payment by credit card.

2. Payment via PayPal account : PayPal verified account is required.

If your order is eligible for payment via PayPal, Choose PayPal as the payment method on the checkout screens.
Don''t yet have PayPal Verified? Sign up here. Verified PayPal accounts with confirmed U.S.
addresses only please. For more information on PayPal, please visit

3. Payment by credit or debit card via PayPal(Visa, Master, JCB, Amex etc.) : PayPal account is NOT required.

We ship after payment has been cleared.


  • Shipping Method : Parcel Service
  • Shipping Area : A Region.
  • Shipping Cost : $ 6.00 USD
  • Shipping Time : 9 - 10 days

    ▶ Shipping Policy

     Kaiu offers free shipping for orders with at least $200.
    The shipping fee is $20 for the customers who purchased less than $200.
    All the packages will be shipped by EMS (Express Mail Service) of the Korean Post and will arrive within 4 to 5 business days following the date of shipment.
    Customers will receive the package via USPS within USA through a special agreement between the Korea Post and postal services of other countries.
    EMS includes an insurance and signature confirmation service.
    If you would like to know more about EMS, please see the website shown below.


    International shipments may be subject to import taxes, duties and customs fees, which are levied once
    your package reaches the country of destination, and are the responsibility of the recipient.
    In case that the customer refuses to receive the parcel, the products are to be returned to Korea
    and will not be shipped again.
    According costs(shipping, customs and etc) are the responsibility of the customer and will be deducted from the refund.



    ▶ Order Tracking

     Customers will receive an email notification with the tracking number when an order has been shipped.
    Through EMS, you can track and confirm the delivery status through a global computer network.
    To track EMS packages, please go to the website shown below.

Returns & Exchanges


▶ Return Policy

 As all of our items are engraved we do not offer return in principle. However, if your purchased item is defective,
we will exchange and pay the shipping fee also. 15 days limited warranty All items purchased
from are warranted for 15 days against any manufacturer's defects.
If a jewelry item breaks or fails within 15 days after arrival of the item, we will exchange the item with no charge.
- When the chain breaks within 15days after receiving the purchase.
- When the clasp doesn’t work properly within 15days after receiving the purchase.
- When the item is different from your order. (an error in engraving or etc.)
- Normal wear and tear
- Abuse
- The loss of stones from settings

Note: Before shipping the purchased items to us, please follow the proper progress shown below.

1. Please leave a message about the problem you have with the purchased item at the Q&A Board or
2. Request a Return Authorization number. If there is any cost that you need to pay, we will let you know.
(Shipping costs or etc)
3. Package all the original items in a bubble wrap or a small box to prevent damage to the item during shipping.
4. Ship it by first class mail to:
8-7, Cheonho-daero 145-gil, Gwangjin-gu,

Seoul, Republic of Korea (zip code: 04968)

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