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7871 W Charleston blud Las Vegass NV 89117 USA

7871 W Charleston blud Las Vegass NV 89117 USA

Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm

Crafting Process

Kaiu's products are undergoing the best production process for the quality and safety.
Shape   All collections made with exceptional sensibility of KAIU are timeless. Over time, kids are attached to their jewelry lovely designed.
Material   All collections in KAIU are manufactured through OR plating process. Rare Silver, superior in preventing tarnishing, is only provided by KAIU.
Message   KAIU’s collections have interesting stories that attract kids’ curiosity and are filled with wishing words for people you want to give KAIU’s items to.

01. Design

Kaiu Jewelry - Design

We try to find inspirations from various things around us, such as interior designs, children items, paintings and magazines. If we find some images that fit into our brand, we draw a rough sketch with a pencil considering enough space to engrave on and eliminating inconvenience caused by the behavior patterns of the babies. After several times of modifications, the final design is made.

02. Prototyping

Kaiu Jewelry - Prototyping

We make wax models using 3D CAD program. Then After another several times of modifying the models checking If it is appropriate for what we considered beforehand, the wax models are ready to be casted. In this process, the soft and unique designs of our jewelry are born.

03. Casting

Kaiu Jewelry - Casting

The finished wax models are sent to the casting factory to make a casting mold. Once the prototype is created, we can continue to produce pendants of the same design repeatedly.

04. Engraving

Kaiu Jewelry - Engraving

We engrave on the products our customers ordered and this is the time when a jewelry is finally given a life. The jewelry with the message with warm heart will be a best friend and a guardian of you. In addition, it is so deeply engraved that there is no need to worry about it being erased.

05. Birth Stones

Kaiu Jewelry - Birth Stones

Birthstones are gemstones that are associated with a birth month. Each birthstone has variety of positive and hopeful meanings, so it is said to bring good luck to the person who carries the jewelry that match with her of his month of birth. When setting the birthstone, the metal around the birthstone is dragged around the four places of it, so it does not easily escape.

06. Inspection and Packaging
Kaiu Jewelry - Inspection and Packaging

Once all production processes are completed to the options customers selected, the products are sent to the office for a thorough inspection. Then they are carefully packaged in a boxes and bags of Kaiu's signature color, Pantone 705C. Lastly, we send you the products Wishing our customers’ happiness.